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The people skills that leaders most need to create impact throughout an organization are often viewed as loosely defined “soft skills”. We believe nothing about leadership is soft, and a commitment to growing and refining these skills is fundamental to a leaders success.

Our facilitated events range from hosting off-sites to leading sessions on specific topics that create the environment for your employees to expand their thinking and learn actionable skills needed for their professional journeys. We collaborate with you to ensure our facilitated events incorporate your specific language and challenges to maximize the event’s impact.

What to expect

Dynamic and interactive learning environments

Impactful adult learning is created through experiential engagements. We design all of our events to put the participant’s experience in the center as they engage with the topic and work in collaboration with their peers. Adults learn best when they stretch their thinking, have time to self reflect, and interact with others. We design all Sixth Wing events to be dynamic and engaging.

A personalized approach

At Sixth Wing, we do not believe that one size fits all, we believe that customized learning experiences are critical to the participant’s experience. We hone our topics specifically for your organization. Sixth Wing works in partnership with your team prior to and throughout each event to match our facilitation to your team’s current challenges, culture and language.

A bias towards action

The most important aspect of learning and development is to ensure that participants translate what they have learned into new behaviors. Sixth Wing incorporates research backed techniques that create opportunities in the event for participants to reflect on what new actions they intend to implement. This process drives lasting impact at the individual and organizational levels.

Space to connect

Facilitated events create unique environments for individuals to connect inside of a team/department and across your organization. The resulting positive impact on quality of relationships drives increased effectiveness. Our clients consistently report this as one of the most impactful aspects of a facilitated event beyond exposing participants to new learning.

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Executive Coaching

True leadership leaves a trail of inspiration in its wake. From 1-on-1 coaching to team sessions, we work with individuals and organizations to foster environments that support growth and excellence.


Leadership Development Programs

At Sixth Wing, our customized leadership development programs for executive and emerging leaders are designed to help individuals grow and refine the skills needed for their leadership journeys.