What is leadership

that lifts?

What is leadership
that lifts?

What is leadership that lifts?

The six defining principles of leadership that lifts.

Leadership is bigger than a title, because it is bigger than any one person. We believe leaders shape environments. Environments shape cultures. Cultures shape communities. With that in mind, leadership—true leadership—can only be measured by how much leaders inspire and empower those around them to become better versions of themselves. These are the principles that define how we lead.

A standard of excellence.

At Sixth Wing, we established a lofty bar, and then we set it even higher. We seek high performers with even greater potential—the ones among us who strive to get even better.

A focus on the human.

We deeply believe in the power of the individual as the foundation of great teams and organizations. We believe that all humans perform at their best when there is space and respect for the breadth of the full complexity of life.

An open space.

Lasting change can only begin with awareness and intentionality. At Sixth Wing, we believe that growth occurs in open spaces, in brave spaces, in the spaces where people can slow down in order to accelerate their growth.

A bias towards action.

Leadership is a discipline - a relentless practice of questioning, learning and growing that never stops. Big ideas matter, and action steps are the key to making them happen.

A different sort of perspective.

Supporting a new style of leadership requires a fresh way of thinking. Pulling the best lessons of our leadership experience in the military and combining them with the latest research, corporate experience and new thinking creates great possibilities for growth. We reflect our unique energy and fresh perspective in everything we do.

A relentless desire to give.

Our background of service continues to instill in us an endless desire to help, and to support the greater good. We believe in giving, and an abundance mindset permeates everything at Sixth Wing

Leadership is a discipline—an intentional practice of questioning, learning, and growing that never stops.


We offer a new style of leadership coaching.

One not built solely by how high leaders rise, but how much leaders help others soar around them. From the programs we design to the relationships we nurture, we work with individuals, teams and organizations to help them become the absolute best versions of themselves.