A unique duality.

Creating a new style of leadership requires a fresh way of thinking. And from the beginning, we’ve been different. Our experiences at the US Naval Academy was only the start. Our subsequent roles in military leadership helped forge a unique background and trajectory. Pulling the best lessons of our leadership experience in the military and combining them with the latest research, corporate experience and new thinking creates great possibilities for growth. We reflect our unique energy and fresh perspective in everything we do.

The fundamental belief of executive coaching is that every individual and organization hold the answers to their greatest challenges. Our role is to ask questions that create the clarity which allows those answers to emerge.


Meet the full team.

We’re motivated to help others in their journeys. With a wide range of experience and styles, we bring a passion for growth and evolution to all that we do, and we’re building enduring relationships as a result.

Laura Maasdam


Bridget Ruiz


LaVonne Gonzalez

Operational Support Specialist

Nicki Pearce

Executive Coach, Facilitator

Jessica Agnew

Executive Coach, Program Designer, Facilitator

Lacey Sladky

Executive Coach, Facilitator

Scott Walgren

Executive Coach, Facilitator

Matt Sitter

Executive Coach

Kellie Mix

Executive Coach, Project Manager, Facilitator

Jordyn Rocco

Scheduling Executive Assistant


Recommend the Process

Of individuals who work with an executive coach say they would repeat the process.
—IFC Global Coaching Client Study


Increase in Productivity

When training is combined with coaching, combined to just 22% with training alone.
—The Personnel Management Association, Internal Report


Of All Fortune 500 Companies

Utilize executive coaching as standard leadership development for their elite executives and talented up-and-comers.
—The Hay Group