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Scott Walgren

Scott Walgren

Executive Coach, Facilitator
Executive Coach & Facilitator

Scott  is an executive performance coach and Navy veteran dedicated to high-performance, empowerment, and teamwork. His coaching aims to align an individual’s inner purpose and strengths with an organization’s outer goals and strategies, energizing a domino effect of confidence, courageous leadership, and high-performance.

Having graduated with Honors from the United States Naval Academy, Scott spent two decades in the high-stakes world of naval aviation. His service culminated with command of Helicopter Sea Combat Weapons School Atlantic, where he standardized tactics for the largest Air Wing in naval aviation. The assignment solidified Scott’s uncompromising belief that effective communication, engaged leadership, and teamwork are the foundation of highly successful organizations.

In his post-Navy career, Scott designed and delivered programming for The COMMIT Foundation, the premier veteran transition organization in the nation. Over four years, he successfully scaled highly individualized transition services focused on identity, purpose, and choice. The uncompromising standard of high-touch, high-impact programming embodies his approach to personal development through connection and service.

I love to help others understand themselves better. Elevating self-awareness and consciousness unlocks an energy that increases confidence, effectiveness, empathy, and joy.

Today, Scott lives in the Northern Rocky Mountains with his wife of 20 years and two teenage sons. He is dedicated to supporting the growth and success of business leaders in and around Bozeman, Montana, where he facilitates private peer groups which offer a safe, confidential environment for leaders to grow together, to become better decision makers, and to drive better outcomes for their companies. He remains intensely focused on developing highly conscious leaders committed to growing their companies, supporting their teams, and enhancing the community.

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