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LaVonne Gonzalez

LaVonne Gonzalez

Operational Support Specialist
Chief of Staff for Coaching and Program Management, Operational Support

LaVonne Gonzalez serves as Sixth Wing’s chief of staff and an operational support specialist who keeps everything running for the Sixth Wing team. LaVonne leverages her strengths of process design, execution, and detail orientation to accelerate and enhance Sixth Wing’s efforts.

Before focusing on operational support, LaVonne spent 20 years as an accounting professional. The majority of that time she worked at the Capital Group as a member of the fund accounting team. In addition to daily operations such as calculating dividend distributions for fixed income funds and approving net asset value, LaVonne also participated in many high-profile projects. She was part of a small expert group tasked with overhauling the income distribution workflow from asset purchase through shareholder receipt of dividends.

Working as part of the Sixth Wing team is so rewarding because we are focused on integrating professional endeavors with personal responsibilities and success to create a satisfying and peaceful life for ourselves and for our clients.

LaVonne also led the internal training and development team at Capital Group, which included writing and developing content as well as facilitating team training sessions. She was a member of the cross-departmental team that helped design and test a new accounting software system ensuring the integrity of data and minimizing the impact on daily operations.

LaVonne lives in Orange County, California, with her two kids and two dogs.

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