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Nicki Pearce

Nicki Pearce

Executive Coach, Facilitator
Executive coach & facilitator

Nicki is an Executive Coach with over two decades of experience as a coach, consultant, business leader and owner of her own coaching practice. Nicki is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and holds a Masters of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Organizational Behavior from The George Washington University.

Nicki has partnered with and provided strategic counsel to CEOs and leaders at all levels of industry and government. She is particularly adept at working with clients to manage the extraordinary demands of challenging work environments while also balancing their personal and professional lives.  

Nicki’s experience as an organizational and management consultant focusing on individual and organizational performance has given her a unique and robust combination of skills and perspectives. Working closely with executives and decision-makers in a variety of environments, Nicki is recognized as an adept problem-solver and leader with the ability to effectively partner with clients to drive toward desired goals and outcomes.

Coaches are committed to “unconditional positive regard.” We are for you and believe you have all you need inside of you to be successful in your endeavors.

Nicki is a results-oriented coach having worked with clients in the public, non-profit and private sector and athletes at both collegiate and olympic levels.  She coaches leaders, business owners, and individuals committed to personal and professional mastery.  With a solid grounding in the business world, Nicki acts as an objective, creative, and pragmatic thought partner for clients  seeking to enhance individual and organizational performance. Her style is to offer empathetic, yet direct and constructive support. Nicki partners with her clients to create strategies and practical tools to give and receive feedback, to coach and mentor others and clarify and achieve vision, goals and priorities both individually and organizationally.

Nicki holds post-graduate training in Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coaching from the College of Executive Coaching and is an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two daughters.

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